Benefits of Fuel Tracking With Fuel Management System

Global positioning system (GPS) has become quite popular among fleet owners as the GPS-based applications become more affordable and reliable. GPS tracking systems help owners and managers to make their fleet more efficient and profitable. GPS vehicle tracking uses global navigation satellite systems to track time and location. But tech companies developed more sophisticated devices that can do a lot more than just location tracking.

You can ask all fleet owners and managers what is one of the biggest expenses if not the biggest for their company is and they will all say the same thing: Fuel consumption. As your fleet grows, so do the fuel expenses and you need to protect your budget by taking necessary measures. Fleet management systems have an array of features you can utilize to stop the usage of extra fuel and lower your expenses significantly.

Let’s have a look at some of these features and how they help reducing fuel consumption:

Improved Routes and Dispatching:

One of the primary roles of GPS tracking is that it allows you to track fleet vehicles in real-time which gives you the ability to know the precise location of every vehicle at all times. Dispatchers and managers can make sure that the drivers take the shortest routes for their deliveries or to job sites. You will also be informed about the current traffic conditions so you can divert vehicles around crowded spots and road maintenance.

Being able to locate vehicles at will also grants you the ability to identify the closest employees to a job site. Dispatchers can ensure the customers in need get help from the nearest available service agent or technician. Additionally fleet managers will be able to detect if drivers use the vehicles for unauthorized trips or take longer routes to job sites. With better routing and efficient dispatching, fleet vehicles spend less time on the road and reduced travel times mean less fuel consumption.

Driver Behaviour:

Fleet drivers always have a certain amount of freedom on the road and sometimes they don’t abide by the rules. While most of the employees deliver their payload on time by following the set speed limit and traffic rules, some employees may display unprofessional behavior behind the wheel. This may include speeding, harsh braking, and idling. Speeding and idling are major factors in excess fuel usage. According to statistics for every 5 MPH driven above speed limit can cost your company 20 cents per gallon. When you do the math on hundreds of vehicles over thousands of miles, the amount of fuel being wasted is tremendous. But with a fleet management system in place, fleet managers can easily observe and identify speeding and idling drivers. They can send an alert when a vehicle exceeds a certain speed limit. Idling for an hour causes almost a gallon extra fuel as well. The additional fuel costs your business considerable amounts of money and engine damage for your vehicles. With the help of a smartphone or a computer, you will be notified by the tracking platform when a vehicle stays idle for long periods of time and waste fuel. By putting a stop to idling, you can save money, time and decrease engine damage.

Vehicle Maintenance:

Before the fleet tracking systems were introduced, fleet managers schedules vehicles to be serviced at certain intervals regardless of mileage, wear and tear or engine on-time. But thanks to the advanced GPS tracking technology, fleets have now access to all details as to when a vehicle requires maintenance. With this information, managers can schedule their vehicles for maintenance when it's needed. Vehicles that are maintained regularly run more efficient and use less fuel. It is easy to analyze telematics data and identify vehicles that are in need of maintenance. This process saves your company a lot of money and causes vehicles to spend less fuel.

Fleet businesses all around the world have started installing fleet tracking devices to their vehicles. With such benefits, there is no reason not to. Your company will save massive amounts of money in the long run and increase its profits. It is a win-win situation. With such benefits, there is no reason not to. Your company will save massive amounts of money in the long run and increase its profits. It is a win-win situation.

What is Vehicle Tracking?

GPS tracking technology has advanced significantly over the last years. They have become more affordable, reliable and available for public use. We use GPS tracking devices in every aspect of our lives now and GPS-based applications made everything faster and better.

A vehicle tracking device is an excellent way to protect your car from theft and gain information about it. As an example, vehicle trackers that can be inserted into OBD II ports can provide you the engine error codes allowing you to see the malfunctions within your vehicle. This is a great advantage when you take your car to the mechanic and not pay extra fees. 

Many of the sophisticated GPS systems employed by companies like UPS, with the help of tracking platform, allows you to track vehicle location, real-time movement, and driver performance and sends out notifications and alerts. With these features, you will always know the location of your vehicle, where your vehicle has been for up to 6 months. Real-time tracking is one of the best tools at your disposal to recover a stolen vehicle. In the event of a theft, you can easily locate the tracking device with a matter of seconds and alert the authorities. You can provide them the exact location of the vehicle and get your car back quickly. 

Geo-fence zone feature allows the user to create a safe zone around a place of their choosing. You can create a geo-fence zone around your house, your children's school or familiar places you frequently park. With the help of a GPS tracking APP, you can configure the tracking device to send alerts when your vehicle enters or leaves one of the safe zones. 

Vehicle tracking devices can vary in size. Small tracking devices with a magnetic case can be attached to anywhere in or outside the vehicle to track your car. There are also bigger devices that can be wired to the car and have indefinite power instead of batteries drawing power from the car. Features also change depending on the device installed, allowing you various features such as immobilization, shock sensor, and fuel sensor. Buying A GPS tracker can make a significant change in your life. Check out this GPS tracker review of the next generation tracking device!

Protectıng Your loved ONes Wıth personal trackıng devıces

GPS tracking systems are used to keep up with their high cost. Over the years they have become affordable and reliable and people all over the world started using them in their daily lives. From utility businesses to mopeds and scooters, GPS tracking solutions are used to protect loved ones, vehicles and assets. 

Personal tracking systems have significantly improved in the last years as well. Reliable and easy-to-use personal tracking devices can be used to track children, senior citizens or vehicles to provide them with an extra layer of security. Personal trackers are small tracking devices that can be placed or attached to a person or a vehicle easily. This makes them ideal to track the location of individuals and vehicles covertly. Personal tracking devices can be placed in a school bag or a jacket to keep an eye on your children too. Vehicle tracking can be useful if you have a teenage child just started driving. To encourage them to drive safely and take responsibility for the actions, personal tracking devices provide you with all the information you need such as speeding and harsh braking. Check out this GPS tracker review about a child tracking device.

There are numerous features parents can benefit from to protect their children. Real-time tracking, geo-fence zones, SOS button is just a few of the features you can use. Real-time tracking allows you to track the location of your loved ones in real-time anytime you want. With the help of a GPS tracking platform, you can access the GPS location data from a mobile device or a computer at will. In the event of an emergency, a parent can simply locate their child and alert the authorities to recover them. Geo-fence zones are virtual boundaries that you can create around your house, the school of your children or anywhere you want.

The personal tracker will send an alert whenever the device enters or leaves one of the geo-fence zones. It is a great way to keep an eye on your loved ones and take action in emergency situations. SOS button or panic button allows you to send a notification of a number of contacts with location data. Alerted family members inform the authorities and rush to help the person in danger. Personal tracking devices are a perfect solution to provide safety and protection for your children and elderly need.