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Insurance Trackers and Their Benefits

The latest stolen vehicles figures for the UK show that vehicle theft is at its lowest point for almost 50 years. In 2002 there were over 300,000 thefts per year, compared to fewer than 70,000 in 2015, despite the fact, there were less vehicles on the road at that time. Modern vehicle security tracking devices combine the technologies of vehicle trackers with immobilisers to shut the vehicle's engine down remotely in the event of theft. This combination of security measures makes them the most comprehensive method of fleet protection available.


If you, or vehicles in your fleet, drive through Europe frequently, you will also benefit from the European coverage feature which allows you to track vehicles all over the continent. Finally, Scorpion will perform health checks once a month and send you the report, as well as alerting you to potential theft. GPS trackers can be a great addition, especially if your vehicle is expensive or you have a large fleet to manage. As well as providing peace of mind that your vehicle is securely monitored at all times, you could also lower your insurance costs and save money in the long run. Insurance trackers can ensure the safety of your vehicles with their advanced features; not only will you be alerted to any theft attempts immediately, but you will also be able to recover stolen vehicles by utilising the powerful features of these advanced trackers.

How To Work Smarter With GPS Tracking

In the age of computers, mobile devices and apps, it’s time for all businesses to adopt the latest GPS technology to locate their drivers in real-time, lower fuel costs, manage driver behavior, ensure on-time deliveries and to improve the security of vehicle fleets. GPS Tracking will bring your business one step ahead of your competitors.


Improving the Safety of Teenage Drivers

Being a parent of a teenager certainly isn’t as easy as it may sound to be. There are a number of concerns associated with ensuring that your teenager is safe out there. The importance of it can be elaborated by the fact that the entire month of January has been dedicated to the teen driving awareness. As per the recent reports of Centre for disease control and prevention and the National Safety Council, drivers between the age of sixteen to nineteen are more likely to be a victim of a car accident.

There is no argument over the fact that one of the major factor that contributes towards such accidents has to be the inexperience of drivers between the age of sixteen to nineteen along with the fact that most of such drivers are often distracted, by the use of cell phone for instance, while they are driving that ends up causing the accident and putting their lives as well as the lives of other people on the road at risk. Taking this into consideration, it becomes rather essential for you to invest in a hands-free system such as GPS tracking devices in order to ensure the safety of your teenagers while they are driving.

It should go beyond saying that the benefits which are being offered by the Live GPS tracking devices are numerous, to say the least. A few of such benefits may include and are not confined to the following:

·         Aggressive driving reports

·         Maintenance reminders for your vehicle

·         Reports about the mileage

·         Reports about the fuel usage

·         Updates about the weather forecast

·         Hands-free communication

·         Traffic alerts


With the provision of the aforementioned features, a GPS tracker ensures that you as a parent are informed immediately if your teenager is speeding or braking abruptly. But that is not all, with a GPS tracker, it just keeps on getting better. Parents can also get to know about the routes which are being driven by the vehicle along with the consumption of fuel and mileage.

What’s more is that built-in in weather forecast ensures that the drivers are informed about a hazardous weather beforehand. Since it’s difficult to drive safely in a highly congested area, the driver will be informed about the traffic situation of the route that he is opting for so that he can change the route in case of a traffic jam. Last but not the least, since your teenager is new to driving, he has enough on his plate already, therefore, the maintenance alerts are just one less thing to worry about.

In the light of the information mentioned above, it won’t be wrong to conclude that investing a little bit of your money in a vehicle GPS tracker is going to be a commendable idea, to say the least. With such huge benefits at your disposal, what else could you ask for? Install a GPS tracker in your vehicle now and you would be able to see the difference for yourself.

Benefits of Personal Tracking Devices For Children

The worst nightmare of every parent is child abduction. A child wandering off on their own is just as worse, nowhere to be found. That is why personal tracking devices for children can be a parent's best friend. GPS tracker for kids is a tool that parents can use to have a peace of mind -- from child abductions, wandering children, or for child behavior problems. Global positioning system has been around for use since the 1980's and became available for private individuals for personal tracking needs in the last few years -- particularly GPS tracking for children. While no parent wants to be seen as a paranoid overlord desperately trying to stalk their children every minute of every day, it can’t be denied that there's a certain level of security that comes with the ability to see where your children are, even if it’s through a smartphone screen.

Child tracking devices are not meant to invade a child's privacy, but to ensure their safety when they are outside the boundaries of their home. There is nothing more assuring than knowing that everyone in your family is safe and out of harm's way. With personal tracking devices for kids, you will not only be less worried, but you will also have more time to relax or work. Child trackers have numerous benefits when it comes to protecting children of ages. 

Teenage drivers, small children that are going to school; children require protection at every age. Unfortunately, the statistics indicate that the biggest cause of deaths among teenagers is car accidents. That is why it is important to monitor the driving habits of young drivers to prevent such an outcome. By using the advanced tools of personal trackers, you can see if they are speeding or harsh braking and drive to unfamiliar areas where they can get into trouble. Personal tracking devices make parenting easy by keeping you updated about your teenage driver's activities.

Another great tool to employ is geofence zones or safe zones as they are more commonly called. Small children have specific locations that they can go during the day. By using the geofence zone feature, you can create safe zones on the map around their school or a playground. In case your child leaves the area unannounced, the tracking device will send you an alert about the breach and inform you of their location. 

Imagine the peace-of-mind you will get in the event you know that you could simply open and quickly know where your kid is thanks to the GPS monitoring device they carry on them. Some child trackers even panic button and two- way communication features that further improve their protection capabilities. Children are the most precious people in our lives, it is only natural that we have to take extraordinary measures to protect them. Child tracking devices are a must in the dangerous era we live in.


Maintenance and Fuel Management With Fleet Tracking Systems

Having a large fleet of vehicles and assets on the road creates a world of problems for business owners. Managers, supervisors and dispatches used various tools over the decades to improve fleet operations but none of them proved to be more effective than fleet tracking systems. The constant advancements in the field of GPS made tracking systems indispensable for all industries and the tools they provide save businesses both time and money. Some of the biggest expenses for a fleet business are maintenance and fuel costs.

It is very important for companies to keep their vehicles properly maintained. Having a truck break down in the middle of a delivery causes an unexpected delay and repair costs. Before the introduction of GPS tracking systems, fleet managers scheduled vehicles for maintenance at certain intervals. This process resulted in spending money on vehicles that don't need maintenance or late maintenance for vehicles that need to be fixed as soon as possible.

Fleet tracking devices can be configured to send engine error codes to the tracking platform servers where they can be stored and analyzed. With the information provided by the tracking platform, managers can rearrange the maintenance schedules exactly when needed. This way, the fleet vehicles will always be in good shape and as an added bonus, these vehicles will consume less fuel saving money. 

Another large expense for fleets is fuel consumption. Every business owner with a fleet is in constant search of ways to reduce excess fuel usage to increase profits. Speeding, excessive idling and poorly maintained vehicles are the main reasons for unnecessary fuel use. These reckless and unwanted driving habits need to be monitored and eliminated while fleet vehicles need to be properly maintained. Idling is a common issue among fleet drivers; drivers know that they can get away with a side trip or idle for long periods of time without strict supervision. This is where the fleet management systems come in; the tracking device aboard the vehicle will alert the managers and supervisors of important events such as speeding and idling. The drivers presenting such behaviour can be warned resulting in much less fuel consumption. 

Fleet management systems can make a significant impact on businesses. The amount of money saved by integrating these systems is substantial and increase the company profits by a large margin. Fleet management solutions may have a cost to install and maintain but compared to the money saved on fuel and maintenance costs alone, they are more than worth it.



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