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Insurance Trackers and Their Benefits

The latest stolen vehicles figures for the UK show that vehicle theft is at its lowest point for almost 50 years. In 2002 there were over 300,000 thefts per year, compared to fewer than 70,000 in 2015, despite the fact, there were less vehicles on the road at that time. Modern vehicle security track…

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How To Work Smarter With GPS Tracking

In the age of computers, mobile devices and apps, it’s time for all businesses to adopt the latest GPS technology to locate their drivers in real-time, lower fuel costs, manage driver behavior, ensure on-time deliveries and to improve the security of vehicle fleets. GPS Tracking will bring your busi…

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Improving the Safety of Teenage Drivers

Being a parent of a teenager certainly isn’t as easy as it may sound to be. There are a number of concerns associated with ensuring that your teenager is safe out there. The importance of it can be elaborated by the fact that the entire month of January has been dedicated to the teen driving awarene…

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Benefits of Personal Tracking Devices For Children

The worst nightmare of every parent is child abduction. A child wandering off on their own is just as worse, nowhere to be found. That is why personal tracking devices for children can be a parent's best friend. GPS tracker for kids is a tool that parents can use to have a peace of mind -- from chil…

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Maintenance and Fuel Management With Fleet Tracking Systems

Having a large fleet of vehicles and assets on the road creates a world of problems for business owners. Managers, supervisors and dispatches used various tools over the decades to improve fleet operations but none of them proved to be more effective than fleet tracking systems. The constant adv…

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