Insurance Trackers and Their Benefits

The latest stolen vehicles figures for the UK show that vehicle theft is at its lowest point for almost 50 years. In 2002 there were over 300,000 thefts per year, compared to fewer than 70,000 in 2015, despite the fact, there were less vehicles on the road at that time. Modern vehicle security tracking devices combine the technologies of vehicle trackers with immobilisers to shut the vehicle's engine down remotely in the event of theft. This combination of security measures makes them the most comprehensive method of fleet protection available.


If you, or vehicles in your fleet, drive through Europe frequently, you will also benefit from the European coverage feature which allows you to track vehicles all over the continent. Finally, Scorpion will perform health checks once a month and send you the report, as well as alerting you to potential theft. GPS trackers can be a great addition, especially if your vehicle is expensive or you have a large fleet to manage. As well as providing peace of mind that your vehicle is securely monitored at all times, you could also lower your insurance costs and save money in the long run. Insurance trackers can ensure the safety of your vehicles with their advanced features; not only will you be alerted to any theft attempts immediately, but you will also be able to recover stolen vehicles by utilising the powerful features of these advanced trackers.

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